150 Kibra youth benefit from driving course


Today I officially handed over 150 driving licenses to 150 youth from the five wards in Kibra Constituency. The initiative is aimed at promoting youth employability through vocational skills training. The issue of youth unemployment in urban marginalized areas is a ticking time bomb that if not addressed urgently will explode. It is sad to mention that the youth make up 25 per cent of the global working-age population; yet their share in total unemployment is 40 per cent. Young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed as adults. Disadvantaged young people are at higher risk of marginalization and social exclusion than other youth.

Skills development is a primary means of enabling young people to make a smooth transition to work. A comprehensive approach is required to integrate young women and men in the labour market, including relevant and quality skills training, labour market information, career guidance and employment services, recognition of prior learning, incorporating entrepreneurship with training and effective skills forecasting. Improved basic education and core work skills are particularly important to enable youth to engage in lifelong learning as well as transition to the labour market.


Danish Member of Parliament Hon. Christina Egelund Visits Kibra

Kibra Member of Parliament Hon. Kenneth Okoth met with Danish Member of Parliament Hon. Christina Egelund in Kibra today. The two met in the presence of Lang’ata Youth Network, Kamukunji Pressure Group and Tatua Fellowship Members.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the role of the youth in promoting democratic and accountable governance. The youth were challenged to rise up and take up leadership positions in order to realize meaningful change. They were urged to demand for exemplary leadership, accountability in the management of public resources and value based leadership.

In the imminent 2017 elections, the youth were encouraged to register as voters as this is the only way to realize social change and better services. Speaking at the forum Hon. Kenneth Okoth sensitized on the need for an exchange programme between Kenyan youth and Danish youth. This will broaden the youth scope of thinking and help them come up with innovative ways of addressing some of the social, economic and political challenges facing Kenya.