The office of Hon. Kenneth Okoth in partnership with World Relief and Centre for Transformational Mission organized a three days (7th – 9th March, 2016) training workshop to over 200 churches in Kibra. The objective of the training was to promote church participation in social, economic and political empowerment in Kibra. In the training, the church leaders were trained on exemplary leadership, character and moral development and need to live for the sake of others. Some of the partners present were: I choose Life, Alpha Africa, Liberty Insurance, International Justice Mission, among others.


Over 5,000 Kibra residents receive bursary cheques

Guided by the policy of “Elimu Kwanza, Education First” over 5,000 Kibra residents and 89 scholars benefited from bursary cheques worth 25 million this year. This means that majority of households that were not able to take their children to school due to fee problem we significantly assisted to address their needs.

In Kibra we believe that education is the greatest equalizer in the world. Providing quality education to children translates to a new lifestyle and a better future of intellectually vibrant, socially responsible and economically strong individuals. Highly educated individuals are normally emotionally intelligent as they can accommodate practical criticism without becoming personal. Educated individuals also contribute to rapid economic growth due to their along term acquired skills necessary in the job market.

Kibra Constituency benefit from three new secondary schools

Kibra Constituency has faced a shortage of secondary schools to serve our population of  approximately 400,000 people. The Constituency had only Moi Girls High School, Upper Hill Boys School, Olympic High School and Rail Educational Centre. With our policy commitment of # Education First # Elimu Kwanza, Kibra CDF has invested in the construction of Shadrack Kimale Secondary and Mbagathi High School.




Kibra Member of Parliament Hon. Kenneth Okoth, today launched ICT programme in 9 public primary schools and 5 secondary schools in Kibra Constituency. The programme is informed by the need to promote information and communication technology among children of school going age and The Kenya Vision 2030. We are living in a global village where ICT has become an integral part of development. This therefore calls for a people who are ready to embrace change and technologically compliant. Embracing ICT skills at a young age will help the students improve on their communication skills, writing skills, editing skills, critical thinking skills, and improve their innovation and creativity skills. The students will be in touch with global trends thus becoming relevant and competitive in the job market.

We believe that this initiative will act as a bench mark on how the computer for schools programme should be implemented in Kenya. Through this programme 9 public primary schools received 15 computers, screen projector and a laser jet printer, while 5 secondary schools in Kibra received 10 computers, screen projector and a laser jet printer. Some of the schools that benefited from this initiative were:

Primary Schools:

  1. Shadrack Kimalel Primary School
  2. Olympic Primary School.
  3. Ayany Primary School.
  4. Kibera Primary School
  5. Raila Educational Centre.
  6. Jamhuri Primary School.
  7. Toi Primary School.
  8. Joseph Kangethe Primary School.
  9. Mbagathi Primary School.

Secondary Schools are:

  1. Moi Girls High School.
  2. Upperhill High School.
  3. Raila Educational Centre.
  4. Olympic High School.
  5. Shadrack Kimalel Secondary School

Elimu Kwanza, Education First- Kibra Hapa Kazi Tu.


Danish Member of Parliament Hon. Christina Egelund Visits Kibra

Kibra Member of Parliament Hon. Kenneth Okoth met with Danish Member of Parliament Hon. Christina Egelund in Kibra today. The two met in the presence of Lang’ata Youth Network, Kamukunji Pressure Group and Tatua Fellowship Members.

The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the role of the youth in promoting democratic and accountable governance. The youth were challenged to rise up and take up leadership positions in order to realize meaningful change. They were urged to demand for exemplary leadership, accountability in the management of public resources and value based leadership.

In the imminent 2017 elections, the youth were encouraged to register as voters as this is the only way to realize social change and better services. Speaking at the forum Hon. Kenneth Okoth sensitized on the need for an exchange programme between Kenyan youth and Danish youth. This will broaden the youth scope of thinking and help them come up with innovative ways of addressing some of the social, economic and political challenges facing Kenya.


“One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world” – By Malala.

Today my office took 825 pupils from Magoso, Jimcy, Makina Self Help, Desert Streams and Raila Educational Centre Primary schools in Kibra to watch “He named me Malala” movie. This movie encourages children to embrace education as a fundamental right. Malala as a character encourages young girls to go to school, demand for equal rights and privileges as boys. She says reaffirms that “One child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”.

NB: 10,000 children from Kibra will be sponsored to watch this movie. This initiative has been made possible by the support from Malala Fund, Crimsom Multimedia Limited , Moving Cultures and the office of the area Member of Parliament Hon. Kenneth Okoth MP Kibra.